What Is Your Story?

What is it? 

Cards for exploiting the power of creativity, narratives and visual cues towards scaffolding our understanding and interpretation of abstract or high-level concepts and themes as individuals towards collective creativity and intelligence.

Who is it for?

Higher Education (students and staff), Businesses, Young People

How long does it take?

30 minutes +

Detailed Description



‘What Is Your Story?’ can be used with a range of audiences, across levels and disciplines, and can be made topic specific either by structuring workshop delivery around given topics, and/or adapting the design of the cards with new images. ‘What Is Your Story?’ has three card elements: People, Context and Activity. The aim of the game is for players to create a narrative around a given topic using the People, Context and Activity cards, and to share their story with other players. The activity encourages learners to employ a complex combination of skills to link disconnected images to a theme, to create an abstract concept. ‘What Is Your Story?’ encourages learners to share their ideas and develop confidence in doing so, and requires peer review of ideas shared.

‘What Is Your Story?’ is available under the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC 4.0. The tool provides both ‘What Is Your Story?’ print ready files if you would like to print the original version, and design files if you would like to adapt the cards and make a new version. You can find these in the ‘Learning and Teaching Resources’ section.

Value Added



Remixable classroom activity
Low-fi, portable and easy to deliver
Requires peer review
Playful engagement with given topic


Develops creative thinking
Improves complex reasoning and understanding of a given topic
Improves ability to communicate complex and abstract ideas
Playful participatory and social learning
Social icebreaker between peers


Develops communication skills
Develops complex reasoning
Develops creative and abstract thinking
Builds confidence to share ideas with peers

YouTube Playlist

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Lauren Heywood

Sylvester Arnab