‘What Is Your Story?’ Conference Workshop

‘What Is Your Story?’ Workshop

When: 23rd June 2017

Where: ECG-02, EEC Building, Coventry University

The ‘Learning Through Play with ‘What Is Your Story?’ workshop will explore ways to use the ‘What Is Your Story?’ (WIYS) play cards to design interactive, playful learning experiences in Higher Education. Presented by Lauren Heywood, co-designer of the cards, and Oliver Wood, the event will be an opportunity for academics to develop playful experiences to deploy with students. For more information on the workshop, please contact Oliver Wood (ab5576@coventry.ac.uk).


Oliver Wood

Oliver is a photographer by training and work heavily on embedding Flipped Learning (and by virtue Game Based Learning) within Higher Education. He’s worked on the development of a number of games, primarily Educational Escape Rooms, and card games, whilst developing user interfaces for a number of other games used to support learning and employability.

Lauren Heywood

Lauren’s background is within visual arts, community arts and the gallery sector. She has a keen interest in open educaction, socially engaged arts and arts-based learning practices. At the DMLL she enjoys exploring how emerging technologies can support life long learning. She has been involved in a number of projects, including co-designing the ‘What Is Your Story?’ cards with Sylvester Arnab and Alex Masters.

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This workshop is part of the ‘Coventry Staff Conference’, held by Coventry University. In order to attend the workshop you must sign up for the conference in advance.

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