Game: ImparApp


Who Is It For?

Students at Coventry University wishing to learning Italian.

How long does it take?

One level will take about 30 minutes to 1 hour. There are 4 levels.

What is it?

A pervasive serious game for learning Italian language.

Detailed Description

Pervasive Gaming for Language Learning is a project in collaboration with the Coventry University’s Languages Centre, aiming to explore pervasive approaches to learning and exploit gamification techniques in contextualising language learning in a more active and engaging way. Italian is used as a case study. The Imparapp game was designed based on a holistic and modular design approach developed by Dr. Sylvester Arnab and implemented using the ‘Taleblazer’ authoring tool from the MIT. The 4-part game has also been developed by our own students – Tyrone Bellamy-Wood (Game designer and programmer) and Gaetan van Leuwen (Creative Writer)

Learning and Teaching Resources
  • Download Taleblazer App:
  • Open the TaleBlazer app, click ‘menu’ and insert the game code applicable:
    • Game code for Level 1: gtvvwhj
    • Game code for Level 2: gpudhyb
    • Game code for Level 3: gkyyhge
    • Game code for Level 4: gihlmfd
  • NOTE: The prototype version will allow game locations to be clicked/tapped on as you progress with the story and tasks (quizzes, puzzles, etc.). If you are in Coventry, you can use the location-based functionality of the game.
  • If you are not in Coventry: Once you are in the ImparAPP game, please click on menu -> setting and switch Tap to Visit– pls see below:


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