Game Changers Goes to Malaysia

CreativeCulture goes to Malaysia

When: 7th – 18th August 2017

Where: Kuching, Malaysia (Borneo)

CreativeCulture (NEWTON) aims to expand the GameChangers initiative to address educational challenges within the context of inclusive learning for learners from the rural parts of Malaysia Borneo. It involves collaborations with Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS), where we will explore, exploit and experiment the impact of arts, design and culture in enhancing creative thinking and development in education (primary and secondary K12) through game design and computational thinking as an approach and instrument for fostering creative problem solving and transcultural practices in Malaysia.

The Coventry team will be in UNIMAS from 7th – 18th August, where they will be working with the UNIMAS team on setting up the CreativeCulture lab as an incubation lab, engaging with the teachers and finalising the CreativeCulture programme for the pilot in the participating schools.

Coventry Team

Sylvester Arnab

With more than 10 years research experience in visualisation, simulation and serious games combined, I’m now based at the DMLL to champion gameful, playful and persuasive design that transforms ordinary tasks into extraordinary experiences. I research, write and evangelise about such transformations. I also love traveling to beautiful places.

Luca Morini

With a background in systems psychology and game ethnography, I work at the DMLL to playfully  push the boundaries of what educational institutions think learning is. I therefore try to spend most of my time playing or making games, then writing it down so that it looks like science. When not possible, I reject reality by devouring science fiction and comics.

Jayne Beaufoy

A highly experienced Project Manager with a proven track record of managing Research Projects in the Higher Education sector, providing a high level of service to internal and external customers achieved by building strong professional relationships.  With over twenty years experience and now working on the Universities first H2020 project BEACONING.


Art and Design are poised to transform our economy in the 21st century just as science and technology did in the last century. The CreativeCulture project is aligned with the inclusion of Arts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education (STEAM), realising the potential of these subjects by enabling true innovation and new thinking through creativity. Art and culture boost creativity and creativity leads to innovation, new thinking and moving beyond existing skills; all together are triggers and needed in the social transformation. We thus need to allow for fun, playful, hands-on, socially and culturally grounded explorations of curricular topics during primary and secondary school to foster contextualised and deeper learning. In this project, creating games as a cooperative activity on the edge of the diverse fields of Art, Design, Culture, Science, and Engineering can be a fertile ground to cultivate these mind-sets and practices, and to provide a place for them to meet and learn how to fruitfully cooperate in a global setting (transcultural and transdisciplinary).

DMLL has recently received funding from NEWTON UK-SEA (AHRC + MoHE) programme to expand the impact of the GameChangers initiative into South-East Asia. The project is called CreativeCulture, which stands for ‘Creative and participatory transcultural practice and problem solving through game design and computational thinking’ and we are collaborating with Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) based in Borneo, Malaysia. This is one of the two new spin-offs of the GameChangers  initiative. 

The partnership will exploit existing expertise at the DMLL and UNIMAS, crossing various disciplines including game-based learning, design and computational thinking, creative economy, social informatics, pedagogy and cultural heritage. Innovative and industry-driven pedagogical approaches developed at the lab will be key to expanding the impact of the community participatory work UNIMAS has been spearheading in Malaysia, especially responding to the need to scale up quality and creative learning across the Malaysian Borneo.

The project was recently kicked off at the DMLL (14 – 17 February) in conjunction with the Remix Play Summit (15 Feb). We have had the pleasure to host Associate Prof Fitri Mohamad, Dr. Jacey–Lynn Minoi and Mr. Terrin Lim at the lab for the whole week, where they have been involved in the programme design sprint for the CreativeCulture programme. The DMLL team will be in Malaysia to conduct a series of workshop and small scale pilot in UNIMAS in August 2017.