Ross Flatt

Ross Flatt

Ross Flatt is the Manager of Programs of Institute of Play where he leads the development of highly engaging programs for youth and adults. Ross manages the implementation and evaluation of all IoP’s programs such as TeacherQuest, a professional development program that introduces educators to game-based learning and design thinking. Prior to joining the Institute, Ross graduated Gettysburg College with a BA in History and an .Ed.M in Educational Administration and Supervision.


Ross has worked as a teacher, curriculum developer and administrator for middle and high schools, most notably Quest to Learn, a New York City public school founded by The Institute of Play. At Quest, he worked as a 6th grade teacher and later an assistant principal before joining the Institute full time.

Keynote Information

Session Title: Learning by Doing: Using Play, Games, and Design to Transform Education

Session Time: 09:45 AM

Session Location: DMLL Open Cafe

Games and play can be powerful educational tools. In the right hands, they have the power to engage students in core subject areas, foster inquiry and self-directed learning, and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. For the past 10 years, Institute of Play has developed tools and techniques for teachers that leverage the power of play to make a powerful impact on student learning. In this presentation, Ross will share ideas and strategies that the Institute has used to help educators transform their teaching practice.

Breakout Session Information

Session Title: Learning by Doing: Why Games?: Strategically using games to support complex content and learning goals

Session Time: 13:50 PM

Session Location: To Be Confirmed

In this breakout session, join and play with Ross as he shares ways in which games will not only enhance learning goals and content, but add deeper levels of understanding, student engagement, and empathy.