Hazel Grian

Hazel Grian

I write Science Fiction and Drama then make it happen for real. I collaborate with movie makers, technologists, researchers and communities on a variety of projects including robots, smell & zombies! My current projects involve VR with music, and a science game for children.


As a writer Hazel has a unique kind of expertise: beginning with 15 years in theatre, film and radio, followed by a decade of experimentation in digital storytelling. She collaborates with digital agencies, technologists, researchers and communities because she is driven by a creative ambition to reach audiences with the ‘magic’ of new technology. Hazel also believes in building new connections across disparate parts of the city. As a resident at Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio for a decade, Hazel has built bridges between Universities and those outside education and innovation, working with young people in particular. During two years at Knowle West Media Centre in South Bristol, Hazel developed the area’s first makerspace, The Factory, which aims to provide this deeply deprived area with the resources normally found in universities. Hazel continues to act as a mentor for young people in creative approaches to new technology.


Whether it’s VR, robots, chatbots, games or action for social change, what all Hazel’s ideas have in common is a strong sense of storytelling, emotional engagement and real innovation. Hazel has been a Creative Director at Aardman Animations and has worked with the BBC, British Red Cross, the zombie real-world game 2.8 Hours Later, and has created an Alternate Reality Game for JJ Abrams’ Star Trek movie.


Hazel will discuss her most recent project: Channel 4’s “How To Build A Robot” narrated by David Tennant. In this documentary Hazel and the team designers and engineers create an AI robot that, when alone in the street, asks people what it means to be human. The project is lead by David McGoran of Rusty Squid who brought Hazel on board because of her unique set of skills as a street theatre performer, voice artist and a writer who understands 21st century audience experiences.