Hack The Box

Hack the Box

Hack The Box is an online platform providing labs and challenges for cyber security training. The platform allows the members to exchange ideas, methodologies and engage together in several of the presented challenges. In order to become a member, a user has to solve an initial security challenge called “Hack the invite code”.

By employing several social and gamification elements Hack The Box makes the learning experience fun and rewarding.


Haris Pylarinos

Haris Pylarinos is the founder of an online pen-testing/hacking playground known as Hack The Box.  He has worked for more than ten years as a Systems Engineer with a specialization in the Shipping Industry. He enjoys solving complex problems, especially cybersecurity-related. He is skilled in networks, operating systems, and enterprise environments.


James Hooker

James Hooker is an Engineer by trade, with nearly 15 years experience in the field across numerous languages, roles and sectors. While the field of Security has always been of an interest to him, he only seriously branched in to the field in the past four years. As part of this journey in to Security, he has had experience with numerous CTF platforms and competitions – eventually finding Hack The Box, for which he became the Technical Director.


Daniel Duggan

Daniel Duggan, better known in the online world as “Rasta Mouse”, is the Director of Zero-Point Security – a cyber security consultancy based in the West Midlands, UK. Daniel has worked in the cyber security field for 10 years, 8 of which he spent with “part” of the UK Government. His experience ranges from physical security, penetration testing, red teaming and incident response. Today, Daniel has a particular passion for teaching offensive tradecraft, in an effort to inspire a new wave of personnel into the field.

Breakout Session Information

Session Title: TBC

Session Time: 13:50 PM

Session Location: DMLL Open Cafe

  1. Introduction
  2. The Security Community (highlighting how helpful the community are, the willingness / eagerness to collaborate and the element of friendly competition)
  3. VulnHub (a site where people interested in the field of security can play purposefully vulnerable machines, in order to progress their knowledge, and compete to be the first to solve a machine)
  4. CTF Competitions (a quick run down on what a CTF competition is, different styles, how one can compete, what to be expected)
  5. Hack the Box (outlining what HTB is, why it was created, what it enables in learning by playing in the field of security, and what could come next)