Giskin Day

Giskin Day

Giskin trained as a botanist in South Africa before falling in love with a British species and moving to London. After five years at the Science Museum she moved next door to Imperial College London. She coordinates College-wide courses in the humanities. Giskin is an unofficial ambassador for the humanities in the Medical School and frequently is called upon to suggest resuscitation techniques for lifeless teaching workshops. She has an MSc in Science Communication and an MA in Literature and Medicine from King’s College, and might soon embark on a PhD on the rhetoric of gratitude in healthcare. Giskin is a recipient of Imperial College’s President’s Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Excellence in Teaching, and was made a National Teaching Fellow in 2015. But what she treasures most are the various appreciative cards from students she’s hoarded over the years. These are what she’d save in a fire. Along with the balloon crocodile that lives on her desk.

Breakout Session Information

Session Title: Engaging arts and minds

Session Time: 11:20 AM

Session Location: TBC

Higher education is shifting from traditional content delivery to a pedagogical model that values active learning. One way in which we can effectively engage students is by involving them in collaborative learning partnerships. My own professional development has been greatly enhanced by making space to explore the knowledge, experiences and perspectives that students bring to the classroom. In this workshop, I will share examples of how students have responded to opportunities to curate their own learning. There will also be a chance to try out a set of cards I developed to encourage medical students to reflect on their learning in imaginative and creative ways.