Remix Play Summit 2017

Remix Play Summit
February 2017

The first Remix Play Summit, held on Wednesday the 15th February 2017, bought a number of experts in game based learning and playfulness together to discuss the impact of games in Higher Education, and in learning more generally. A number of experts joined the discussion including; Ian Livingstone CBE, Bernie DeKoven, Sebastian Deterding, and Prof. Nicola Whitton. Held in the Disruptive Media Learning Lab at Coventry University, the event encouraged the input of students and staff alike to help shape the future of games and play in Universities. 

The Speakers

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Livingstone CBE

After rising as a key figure of Great Britain’s game industry, working with household names such as Games Workshop, Domark and Eidos Interactive,  Ian Livingstone has worked for the government to provide a complete bottom up review of the whole education system relating to games.

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A “founding father of play studies”, creating the Game Preserve, the first centre for the exploration of games and play for adults, Bernie continues to this day to explore the theory of fun and playfulness and how it can affect every aspect of personal and interpersonal, community and institutional health.

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Sebastian Deterding

A designer-researcher known for providing the most broadly accepted definition of gamification, Sebastian is an internationally sought speaker as pertaining to how software and technology pervade everyday life, and what ramifications this holds for individuals, communities, ethics and design.

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Prof. Nicola

In her role as Professor of Education and Social Research at MMU, Nicola is a leading figure in research into ways in which adult learning can be made more playful, in adult playfulness and the relationship between playfulness, learning and well-being and in understanding why and how adults play, with a particular focus on Higher Education.


The Remix Play Summit is hosted and supported by Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab ( with the aim of celebrating play in Higher Education. Moving beyond “gamification”, “serious games” and “game based learning”, the Remix Play Summit will examine the playful roots and meanings of these approaches and provide an interdisciplinary discussion space to explore the opportunities that play and playfulness can provide for both students and staff.

Questions for discussion include: What can play contribute to a “serious” learning environment? Can playfulness survive the increasing pressure students and staff are subjected to, to remain relevant in today’s rapidly changing world? Is there the risk that play becomes just another tool?

Through talks and hands-on workshops held by some of the leading figures in play, games and education studies (Ian Livingstone CBE, Bernie DeKoven, Sebastian Deterding, Nicola Whitton), we will seek to provide participants with the tools to build their own answers playfully, marking the beginning of new playful collaborations and experimentations with learning institutions and society at large.

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