Luca Morini

Luca Morini

I am Research Associate in Coventry University’s Disruptive Media Learning, and before this I was working towards my Ph.D. in Education and Communication at the University of Milano Bicocca, and teaching Psychology of Education and Human Ecology at the University of Bergamo.

 I am sometimes myself a bit confused about my own disciplinary field of studies, as I worked across critical pedagogy, learning psychology, game studies, systems theory, and media anthropology, but I always try and keep my critical eye open, and work to foster citizenship, agency, ownership of learning a healthy DIY attitude.

I am currently working across a number of projects around game-based learning and game design (funded by both the EU and UK research councils), where I mostly push to open up game design practices and literacy for everyone, as what I care most about is people being able to create, own and play their own games (literally or metaphorically).

Paraphrasing game design maestro Will Wright, I think my duty as someone interested in both play and learning is to support the collective creation, owners and discussion of interesting problems, not simply of “solutions”.

My hobbies are your usual, geeky ones: gaming (be it digital or tabletop), comics, and sci-fi. Also, tilting at windmills.