The Associates

Meet the people who make the magic happen

We couldn’t do everything by ourselves, but luckily we work with a number of great associates who help use build and develop tools and resources to bring games and play into learning. We’d just like to thank them for all their fantastic work!

Prof. Mike Duncan

Coventry University

About Mike
Mike Duncan is a BASES-accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist with research interests in the field of children, physical activity, exercise and obesity. As of July 2013 he has published over 70 peer reviewed journal papers, 20 books or chapters in edited books and over 110 peer reviewer conference presentations.

He is a member of the European College of Sports Science, American College of Sports Medicine, United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association and a Fellow of the British Association of Sport and exercise Sciences.

He has experience in working with elite athletes in prescribing exercise programmes and evaluating performance and also has worked extensively with community groups on topics such as physical activity interventions in children and adolescents and the effects of nutritional manipulation on cognitive and functional performance in older adults.

Patricia Ashman

Coventry University

About Patricia
My academic specialisms are primarily in CAE Analysis however as Associate Head I have additional management responsibilities and my portfolio is responsible for the Marketing, Recruitment , STEM and Outreach activities. I am also responsible for the the Final Year Product Innovation Modules which means I work closely with industry delivering a wide range of solutions using our students as a expert consulting groups.

I am always searching for opportunities for my students to connect with industry through their final year projects and I am delighted to hear from companies who feel they would benefit from the free consultancy we offer via our Final Year Product Innovation Group Projects and of course help prepare our next generation of to make an early impact in their engineering careers.

Alex Masters

Coventry University

About Alex
As the Lab’s Disruptive Media Learning Technologist, Alex focuses on the exploration, development, and realisation of new learning and teaching practice. Working as a mentor to both staff and students, advising on university policy and technology implementation, and fostering uptake in DMLL initiatives through the development of online resources.

During his three years at Coventry University, Alex has been instrumental in the development of some of the most successful initiatives to date within the DMLL. He developed the Lab’s first open course, co-delivered the inaugural DMLL Add+Vantage module in Entrepreneurial Learning, and co-designed the L·E·A·R·N framework, LEGO initiative and Coventry University SPRINT processes that have now become influential in the development of new innovative course design across the CU Group and beyond.

Alex has amassed over fifteen years experience in the field of multimedia design, with a career spanning a multitude of disciplines, including web development, graphic design, journalism, photography, social media, brand development, and information technology.

His interests lie in the intersection of technology, innovation, and education, with an emphasis on the benefits of rapid development, frugal innovation, and flipped learning practices.

Helen Keegan

Salford University

About Helen
I’m a UK National Teaching Fellow, which was awarded as a result of my work on Alternate Reality Gaming in Higher Education and curriculum innovations in Playful Pedagogies. My research focuses on digital cultures and identities and the interplay between formal and informal learning. I deliver regular guest lectures, seminars and keynotes on digital cultures and educational innovation, both in the UK and overseas, and have over 70 publications to-date. I make regular radio appearances as an external expert for the BBC on digital cultures and the web, and I’m also a trained facilitator for LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology.

As far as playful and gameful learning goes, I’m best known for my work in Alternate Reality Gaming, where mystery and intrigue are used to engage learners in self-driven, collaborative and exploratory learning – I’ve consulted and presented on ARGs at universities and conferences around the world, and while I’m not so much focused on ARGs nowadays I’m still very much driven by mystery and curiosity in education.

My other specialism is Playful Pedagogies – these are often ad hoc, and require space in the curriculum to respond to current events. Examples include: challenging students to create remix videos to challenge YouTube copyright detection algorithms, convincing 60 male engineering students to pose in ballet positions in large open public spaces to learn about hashtags (!), and working with staff and 100 students from the UK, NZ, France and Colombia to produce and live edit the visual backdrop for an 8-act opera filmed entirely on mobile phones.

Billy Brick

Coventry University

About Billy
Billy Brick is Languages Centre Manager and principal lecturer in the School of Humanities at Coventry University. He teaches Multimedia in Language Teaching and Learning to undergraduate students and Computer Assisted Language Learning at Masters level and has been involved with numerous JISC/HEA projects including the Coventry On-line Writing Lab (COWL) and the Humbox, an OER project for the humanities.

His research interests include Digital Literacies; Social Networking Sites and Language Learning; and Mobile Assisted Language Learning. He is currently developing a beginners’ Italian language learning app, ImparApp, together with colleagues in the university’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab

Tyrone Bellamy-Wood

Coventry University

About Tyrone
Games Technology BSc student with seven years of experience collaborating with people from wide ranging backgrounds. A problem solver at heart. Comfortable in analytical thinking when it comes to design, with a roster of projects completed receiving high praise.


Not afraid to dive into a new experience, and will always find a way to bring the best out of them.

Games, comics and movie nut. Retired saxophonist.

Jon Andrews

Coventry University

About Jon
Jon has been a mental health nurse for almost 20 years, and has worked across a number of specialties within the field; including Clinical Lead positions in Acute inpatient services, Psychiatric Intensive Care Units and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, all within the National Health Service (NHS).

He is a fully qualified Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBT), and played an active role in the development of a regional CBT service, concurrently running a number of CBT clinics and offering ongoing Clinical Supervision to peers and colleagues alike.

Jon’s teaching specialties include Psychological Therapies, including CBT, Compassion Focused Therapy and Mindfulness. He also teaches extensively around assessment and complex mental health care planning.

Jon is currently a Course Director for Continued Professional Development, a Fellow of the Higher Teaching Academy, and he takes an active lead in Course Development, particularly from an international perspective.

Jon has presented at national and international conferences around Student experience, from both a learning and a self-compassion perspective, and he is in the process of writing a core nursing textbook around the role of emotional resilience during nursing assessment.

Recently, Jon developed a module to be taught to students in China as part of a ‘Flying Faculty’ program, and was able to incorporate DMLL’s ‘What is Your Story?’ as part of that process; to the significant benefit of the module overall.

Kate Green

University of Nottingham

About Kate
I am a PhD researcher at Horizon CDT (University of Nottingham), partering with Open Lab (Newcastle University) and my interests centre around ideas of digital values, online communities and open education.

Although I spend a lot of time on Twitter and Instagram, here is where you can find my projects; posts about my PhD research, that I have promised to do openly; posts about my lifestyle living with IBD, including yummy recipes; and also other ramblings…

I pride myself on my work with George Rodger Archive and Phonar Nation.

James Shuttleworth

Coventry University

About James
James is a Doctor in Automated Classification and Grading of Dysplasia in Colon Tissue, at Coventry University. He is the course director for the BSc Ethical Hacking course at the University and has a keen interest in mystery puzzles and their uses as teaching and learning tools.

Tiziana Cervi-Wilson

Coventry University

About Tiziana
Tiziana Cervi- Wilson is a Senior Lecturer and the coordinator for the UWLP and career and employability modules for the School of Art and Humanities at Coventry University. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a member of the CU ADD+Vantage  Advisory Board. She teaches all the Italian undergraduates modules at all levels at Coventry University. Tiziana is a disruptive Educator for the DMLL (Disruptive Media Learning Lab) and a member of the School of Humanities International Network (SHINe).

Her research interests include Digital Literacies; Language Learning and Mobile Assisted Language Learning. She is currently developing a beginners’ Italian language learning app, ImparApp, together with colleagues in the university’s Disruptive Media Learning Lab.