Size ‘Em Up!

Size ’em Up!

Is your game feasible? Are there similar game concepts already out there?


We’re going to start you off nice and easy with some fun game research. It’s time to take a look at what games are already available, to make sure you’re not recreating a game that already exists.

Before jumping head first into designing a game we must look at the market; what’s already out there? Has the problem you’re trying to solve already been identified?, and if so, has it been solved by a game, or is there a gap in the market for your game concept to flourish? Maybe your idea is a twist on an existing game? That’s completely fine, you just need to make that clear from the get go.

Share your findings!

These are all important questions, so take some time to search online and in stores for games that either challenge your problem or a problem similar to the one you’re trying to solve. Share links to the games you find with a short description of what they’re all about, that way your research will also benefit others within the Game Changers online community using the hashtag #GCconcept. Share and share alike. There’s always a chance someone else will post a game that inspires you to create fantastic new idea!

Start a blog

It’s time to introduce yourselves to the community! Start a brand new blog and kick it off with a short sharp introduction to share with the GC community. This is the perfect way to start a design diary, which you can use to document your progress, thoughts, and ideas throughout the Game Changers programme. If you’re taking part in the programme as a team, then your blog can be a group effort, it’s entirely up to you!

We are big believers in open education and open resources. After all, this is the basis for the entire Game Changers concept. With that in mind, start your blog with an open publishing platform of your choice. If you’re not sure what an open publishing platform is, or would like some advice on a good platform to use, check out our Open Tools for more information.

Learning Resources

An open online database for video game fans.

BoardGameGeek is a website dedicated to the subject of physical board games.

RPG Geek strives to be the premiere database and forum for all tabletop RPG enthusiasts.

Video Game Geek specialises in videogames of every type.

Resource description

All about Design Thinking

A short, sharp animated intro to game design thinking.

Extra Credits – An EPIC playlist of awesome game design videos!

Whether you’re looking for a game industry career or simply curious about the way game developers think, Extra Credits makes video game design approachable by exploring concepts like gamification, perfect imbalance, the skinner box, the uncanny valley, and more.

So, you Want to be a Game Designer?

In this specific (and awesome) video, the Extra Credits team talk about what it takes to be a great game designer.

Games in Education: How Games Can Improve Our Schools

The Extra Credits team discuss some of the difficulties of integrating games into our education system.

EDU: A Resource for Educational Games on Steam!

An intro video, and a link, to a great selection of educational games compiled by the awesome Extra Credits team.

To play a game well, you need to know how it works! Game design thinking will help us to inject fun in problem solving. As part of the Game Changers community, we will go through the missions and quests towards understanding the secret to game design and the relevance in learning. And most of all, we will have fun and gain new skills in the process.

Game Design Thinking
Sylvester Arnab, GC Team

Say hello to the group and share your thoughts and what your skills are. You never know when you might want to trade knowledge and skills to make your games better! We believe in learning together and from each other, so jump in!

Kate Green, GC Team
The Game Changers programme is all about being open and sharing your ideas with the wider community, read our Open Guidelines for suggestions of great platforms you can use to share your work!
Open Platforms
Alex Masters, GC Team