Backin’ it Up!

Backin’ it Up!

Talk about your idea with friends and potential end-users. Do they agree that this is a problem that could be solved through game design?


You have your game concept, that’s great! But now you need to run your idea by your potential audience to see what other people think. It’s time for some constructive criticism. It’s much easier to make changes to your concept at the very beginning, rather than trying to shoe-horn major changes into your game further down the road. So take this opportunity to run your game concept by friends, fellow students, work colleagues, and the wider Game Changers community. Make notes, discuss potential changes to your idea, and most importantly, have fun doing it!

Find three backers

Collect three testimonials to give you the green light to continue with your design concept. These backers will act as sponsors, helping to validate and build enthusiasm for your idea. Your backers can choose to share their support by any means, as long as it can be evidenced in your design blog and shared online within the GC community using the #GCbacker hashtag.

Learning Resources

Reddit Game Ideas discussion Board

A dedicated board for redditors to post ideas they can’t utilise themselves, and as a place for people who are idea-starved to get some inspiration!

BoardGameGeek Discussion Forum

Board game design discussion forum (REALLY useful for any kind of game), from the BoardGameGeek Community.

RolePlayingGameGeek RPG Design Discussion Forum

RPG Design Discussion Forum, from the RolePlayingGameGeek Community – Game Concepts Forum

Discussion forum about video game design. Lots of indies and modders there to help you troubleshoot your ideas, gain inspiration, and learn new things! – ‘The Creative Side’

Discussion forum about video game design, within a community mostly focused on the tech side. – Indie Basics Forum

A forum for newbies in game development. If you’re a total beginner, then this is a great place to start.

TIG – The Independent Games Discussion Forum

Another great discussion forum on independent game design. Go take a look!

Asking for and Receiving Critical Feedback

Entrepreneur Phil McKenzie answers “What Type of Feedback Do You Respond to Best?” McKenzie shares why he prefers constructive or critical feedback over positive feedback and reinforcement and how he seeks it out and uses it.

To play a game well, you need to know how it works! Game design thinking will help us to inject fun in problem solving. As part of the Game Changers community, we will go through the missions and quests towards understanding the secret to game design and the relevance in learning. And most of all, we will have fun and gain new skills in the process.

Game Design Thinking
Sylvester Arnab, GC Team

Say hello to the group and share your thoughts and what your skills are. You never know when you might want to trade knowledge and skills to make your games better! We believe in learning together and from each other, so jump in!

Kate Green, GC Team
The Game Changers programme is all about being open and sharing your ideas with the wider community, read our Open Guidelines for suggestions of great platforms you can use to share your work!
Open Platforms
Alex Masters, GC Team