Raving to Techno!

Raving to Techno!

Two missions down, two to go! You’ve got a great game idea, you’ve nailed the design, now it’s time to create some mockups of your game, test them, tweak them, test them again, then test them some more. It’s time to really put the rules, gameplay, and designs through their paces. Iterating quickly to fix what doesn’t work and refine your game’s narrative to make a good game into a truly great game. This method of rapid prototyping will help speed up the process and also help test some of your aesthetic decisions in the process.

Once you have tested your games you’ll have a good idea of exactly what needs to be done and who needs to do it when the final Game Sprint begins. There might be technical or artistic aspects of your game that no one in your team is capable of achieving, and that’s where quest three (‘Now Hiring’) will come in handy. This quest will give you the chance to advertise for technical help within the community and beyond, to help you find the right external help to produce your prototype ahead of, or during, the Game Sprint.

Mock it Up!

It’s time to build, and build fast! Create a rough and ready mockups of your game ready for testing, and share your mockups with the community!

This gives you a chance to try out your design and make changes before attempting your final prototype in the Game Sprint.


Now that you have a mockup of your game, you need to put it through its paces. Testing your game is a very important part of the process.

Test your game by playing it… a lot! Learn from your tests and document any issues you discover in your design blog, along with how you solved them. Share in the GC community.

Now Hiring!

For those of you looking to get a little extra support within your team, your task is to hit up the GC community and put the word out for help.

If, on the other hand, you’re all set and don’t require any extra help or resources, then offer your support to other teams taking part!

To play a game well, you need to know how it works! Game design thinking will help us to inject fun in problem solving. As part of the Game Changers community, we will go through the missions and quests towards understanding the secret to game design and the relevance in learning. And most of all, we will have fun and gain new skills in the process.

Game Design Thinking
Sylvester Arnab, GC Team

Say hello to the group and share your thoughts and what your skills are. You never know when you might want to trade knowledge and skills to make your games better! We believe in learning together and from each other, so jump in!

Kate Green, GC Team
The Game Changers programme is all about being open and sharing your ideas with the wider community, read our Open Guidelines for suggestions of great platforms you can use to share your work!
Open Platforms
Alex Masters, GC Team