Get Your Game On!

Get Your Game On!

Congratulations, you’re on to your second mission! Now that you’ve nailed down your initial game or gamification idea, it’s time to design how it works, how it plays, and finally, how it looks and feels. These three aspects of game design are known in the trade as the mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics of your game.

Each quest below represents one of these three game design aspects, and each one is as important as the next. You’ll have to consider all three at once to make sure you have the perfect balance of rules, gameplay and appearance. For example, a really good looking game will not make up for poor playability. Likewise, an ingenious new game with clever rules isn’t going to inspire its players if it looks bad or isn’t actually fun to play.

So, while you’re working on one quest, bear the other two in mind and find a nice balance. Once you’ve completed all three quests you’ll have a well designed and thought out game concept, ready to test out in next mission!

Rules of the Road

Mechanics are the rules of play, and the actions your players can take through the game. Mechanics are a fundamental aspect of game design, which must be considered alongside game dynamics and aesthetics.

Check out the resources provided to help develop your Rule Book.

Spice it Up!


We have the rules, now it’s time to spice up that gameplay with some game dynamics!

To demonstrate an understanding of game dynamics theory, share storyboards of your game that embody why the game is played, different ways your players can interact with the game, what makes the game fun, and what the connections and interactions are with other players.

Give it Feeling


How do you want your game to look and feel? This is the definition of game aesthetics.
Establish the what the game will look and feel like. Document what the game will look like visually, as well as what emotions you want players to experience while playing your game. 

We can’t wait to see what designs you all share in the GC community.

To play a game well, you need to know how it works! Game design thinking will help us to inject fun in problem solving. As part of the Game Changers community, we will go through the missions and quests towards understanding the secret to game design and the relevance in learning. And most of all, we will have fun and gain new skills in the process.

Game Design Thinking
Sylvester Arnab, GC Team

Say hello to the group and share your thoughts and what your skills are. You never know when you might want to trade knowledge and skills to make your games better! We believe in learning together and from each other, so jump in!

Kate Green, GC Team
The Game Changers programme is all about being open and sharing your ideas with the wider community, read our Open Guidelines for suggestions of great platforms you can use to share your work!
Open Platforms
Alex Masters, GC Team