Game: BewilderED Mystery Box


Who is it for?

Higher Education
(students and staff)

How long does it take?

Depends on complexity of the game design!

What is it?

A mystery box! Using mystery and intrigue to encourage curiosity-led learning

Detailed Description

BewilderED aims to exploit by the power of mystery and curiosity for enhancing engagement with a learning process.  Following the main concept used by ‘The Mysterious Package  Company’, the idea that things are delivered through the mail and randomly turn up somewhere from unknown sources, was something that has been experimented and tested.  Using the tested approach, materials are delivered to the students classroom, seemingly from different outside sources (e.g. a fake company), over a 4 week period.

Personal reflection from Samantha Clarke here. 

Learning and Teaching Resources
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Samantha Clarke

Prof. Michael Duncan