What is Game Changers?

Great question!


The GameChangers programme focuses on the design and implementation of playful learning experiences, promoting the emergence of a more playful, exploratory, creative culture in everyday academic contexts. GameChangers is both an open game design course and community (gamify.org.uk), co-created by the Disruptive Media Learning Lab of Coventry University together with staff and students interested in exploring the opportunities of creating games as a medium for both expression and learning. GameChangers has the goal of facilitating new models of teaching and learning, new practices in cross-faculty learning/collaboration and new paths of aesthetic expression. GameChangers aims to make game creation and game literacy more culturally open and accessible to staff, students and the broader informal communities surrounding the University.

Meet the Team!


We are a team of game designers, researchers, academics, and media producers. We work together to produce and facilitate playful experiences in Higher Education. We aim to demystify the game development process using design-led techniques to give people the skills and confidence to create their own games.

We’re constantly developing games and playful experiences for higher education. Current projects include: computer games, paper-based games, board games, card games, interactive fiction, escape rooms and alternative reality games.

You can get in touch with any (or all!) of us using the contact details below.

Dr. Sylvester Arnab

Helen Keegan

Oliver Wood

Samantha Clarke

Dr. Luca Morini

Dr. Aikaterini Bourazeri

Meet the Associates!


Alongside our core team we work with many others from both the UK and across the globe! Without their help the GameChangers programme wouldn’t be possible.

Lauren Heywood

Sarah Andrews

Alex Masters

Kate Green

Prof. Michael Duncan

Patricia Ashman