We believe that everybody can play and create games. We believe in games for learning, and learning through play. 

Who We Are

We are a team of game designers, researchers, academics, and media producers. We work together to produce and facilitate playful experiences in Higher Education. We aim to demystify the game development process using design-led techniques to give people the skills and confidence to create their own games.

We’re constantly developing games and playful experiences for Higher Education. Current projects include computer games, paper-based games, board games, card games, interactive fiction, escape rooms and alternative reality games.

What We Do

Do you want to create engaging playful and gameful experiences?

Don’t know where to start?


We’re here to help you.


Whether you’re a student or a teacher, GameChangers can provide you with the tools and know-how to start creating your own games.


GameChangers Programme: Gameful/Playful Design

Time Taken: Anything from 2 hours (workshop) to 6 weeks (open course)

Our main Game Changers programme is a design-led process that can be implemented in anything from a 2-hour workshop to a 6-week open course. We work with universities and businesses and we have led workshops and courses across Europe, China, the US and the Caribbean.


On this site you will find heaps of resources to guide you through the process of designing your own games and playful experiences. If you’re interested in the research side of what we do, you can also find links to supporting publications such as project reports and journal articles. Each type of game has a dedicated section where you can find a description of the game; supporting media such as videos and user guides for learners and tutors; and links to further materials such as research reports and scientific papers.


We’re always looking for people to collaborate with although we can create bespoke games and playful experiences for you if that’s what you require. If you’d like to get more involved as a mentor for the GameChangers programme then we’d love to hear from you.